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There are various methods used to make skin care products. We strive to use the most "natural" methods possible.


When making soap, for example, we use the "Cold Press" method.


For thousands of years, soap has been made by blending acids with a base. This method of making soap uses saponification as the process which causes the ingredients to solidify. Saponification is, in simple terms, a chemical reaction between an acid and a base.


There are many different types of acids that will react with a base (with one sodium ion and one hydroxide ion) to saponify. Our acids are olive and coconut oil. These oils have a unique combination of triglycerides (compounds made of three fatty acids, attached to a single molecule of glycerol).


As we measure, combine, heat and carefully agitate the ingredients, the acid and base start to react. The first reaction is the release of the glycerol (which turns into skin nourishing glycerin), and the second is the melding of the fatty acids and the hydroxide ions within the base, solidifying into soap.


As you will notice, the sodium does not take part in the reaction at all and remains in the finished product.


The sodium hydroxide has been converted into separate entities through this saponification and is no longer present in the soap.

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