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Benefits of Horse Oil


Eichi Skin Care imports YAKUSHIDO Son Bahyu horse oil directly from Japan.


Centuries ago, horse oil was used in East Asia to treat many problems such as skin irritation, cuts, burns and even hair loss. Today, horse oil is still popularly used and many people swear by it to help improve skin tone, skin elasticity, wrinkles, acne, sunburn, eczema, and to maintain a good moisture level in the skin.


Horse oil contains Linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that works really well on our skin; it has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-ageing properties. It helps to repair and maintain the skin's moisture barrier and, as horse oil is extremely similar to the human sebum, the oil can more easily penetrate the skin and keep the cells truly moisturized.

Because the Linolenic acid in horse oil so closely resembles human sebum, using horse oil as a carrier oil for essential oil also  allows the essential oils to impart there beneficial properties more completely.




Eichi Skin Care is using YAKUSHIDO Son Bahyu horse oil. Yakushido is located in Fukuoka Japan. Yakushido has been the highest ranking moisturizer on @cosme for more than a decade and has always been the top three in the category of "facial oil" and received the Best Cosmetics Awards a number of times.


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